Issue with signin to


I’m new to
Whenever I click on Sign in option on even though I am logged in to my twitter account I still get redirected to Same thing happens when I click on the sign in button on page like
in the OAuth Generator section. Can someone help ?

Access denied

We have an issue with signins not working on the site at the moment.

In the meantime, I would recommend that you look at using twurl to test any requests you need rather than attempting to use the OAuth Generator tool. There’s a tutorial available if you’re not familiar with that tool.

Access and signins to should be unaffected.


Is this solved? I get the same issue :slight_smile:


Signins are still not working on at the moment, however, there should only be one or two reasons for this to cause a problem - access to restricted content (which should not affect the vast majority of non-Twitter employees), or use of the OAuth generator tool. We recommend using another tool like twurl instead. If you need to access your apps, is unaffected.

I don’t have any eta for the meta issue to be resolved at the moment - low priority since there are alternatives.