Issue with Scheduled Tweet and scoped_timeline


Hey guys,

We have a minor issue for which we need some clarification

Step 1 - Create a scheduled tweet and Fetch it
Step 2 - Once it is published the tweet id is returned along with the scheduled id
Step 3 - Try to fetch the published tweet from step 2 using the scoped_timeline api, but no response

Below are the steps for the same

Request for Creating a scheduled tweet

{requestMethod=POST, url=‘’, postParams=[PostParameter{name=‘as_user_id’, value=‘296651969’}, PostParameter{name=‘scheduled_at’, value=‘2017-09-14T10:39:20Z’}, PostParameter{name=‘text’, value=‘text’}, PostParameter{name=‘nullcast’, value=‘true’}

Scheduled Tweet Id - 908271731541811200

Once published fetching via scheduled_tweet_id call returns

“completed_at”: “2017-09-14T10:20:01Z”,
“id_str”: “908271731541811200”,
“text”: “text”,
“user_id”: “296651969”,
“scheduled_status”: “SUCCESS”,
“id”: 908271731541811200,
“media_ids”: [],
“nullcast”: true,
“created_at”: “2017-09-14T10:10:30Z”,
“scheduled_at”: “2017-09-14T10:20:27Z”,
“card_uri”: null,
“updated_at”: “2017-09-14T10:20:01Z”,
“tweet_id”: “908274126883868672”

On fetching via scoped timeline

the same tweet isn’t returned


Good question, @abhishek_pyro.

When using the GET accounts/:account_id/scoped_timeline endpoint, make sure to specify scoped_to=none in order to retrieve nullcasted Tweets.



Thanks @juanshishido, to confirm this worked :slight_smile: