Issue with maximums in Docs one already mentioned, this is anouther


This is getting annoying. I have a client account that has, according to users/show 1299 followers and 2580 friends

$connection->request(‘GET’, $connection->url(‘1.1/followers/ids.json’),
array(‘user_id’ => $app_user_id,
‘cursor’ => -1

Pulls 807 ids. I can’t believe that 492 followers are suspended out of 1299. It pulls 807 exactly, repeatedly. The equivalent friends call pulls in 1947 plus a cursor, so that makes sense.

If I drop count to 1000, everything is fine, though docs say 5000 max

I tried pulling through twurl, like Andy Piper suggested and all 1299 came through. Using tmhOAuth

Any thoughts?


I’m not sure what could be going on here, but my general rule of thumb is that if I’m able to poke the endpoint using twurl, and the documented behaviour works, then the problem may lie elsewhere. That said, I’ve heard good things about tmhOAuth in the past so I wouldn’t want to jump to the conclusion that there’s an issue with that library. Very odd.

My test case

twurl "/1.1/followers/ids.json?id=786491&count=5000"

Does indeed return 5000 IDs, and I can page to the second page of 5000 results without issues as well.

Generally speaking we don’t often adjust the maximum values of count parameters or intentionally change the amount of data that an endpoint will return.