Issue With Interstitials Delievered Via Tag Based Custom Network


I have an issue with interstital ads delivered via custom network’s tag in Mopub’s Android SDK. When Mopub delivers a js tag to a device, it is getting rendered in the hidden webview that is not presented to a user. In this case third party tag will execute a call to ad network and recieve and ad. Then it will notify an SDK that ad is ready to be rendered.

After the method was called, instead of showing the webview with already pre cached creative, SDK creates a new webview and executes the custom network’s js tag again. This triggers a new ad request to custom ad network and creative that was previously pre cached is getting dropped.

This happens only inside Android SDK. IOS one works fine.

Can someone suggest me how this can be fixed without updating and republishing the app?


Hi @vcody1986,

Thanks for your detailed question! Due to how our Android SDK cacheing works, what you have described is correct and expected. If the network is using an MRAID creative they can use the viewable event to separate the shown impressions from cached ad calls.