Issue using GET search/tweets to prepend new tweets to a timeline


Is it possible to search for N tweets, starting with since_id? An ascending order search basically (oldest ID to newest ID).

My use case:
In my case I am using GET search/tweets and showing the results in a “timeline”. At the top of the timeline, I have put a “Get Newer Tweets” button. Clicking “Get Newer Tweets” will prepend tweets newer than since_id at the top of the timeline (pushing everything else down the page).

The issue:
Gaps in the timeline occur when the user waits so long to click on the “Get Newer Tweets” button, and more than 100 new tweets have come in since the last time they clicked it.

For example, since searching for tweets 1-100, tweet ids 101-300 now exist. Using the posted recommended solution at, I would have to hit the API twice to get all 200 new tweets. I’d like to just get tweets 101-200 in the next API call, and not get tweets 201-300 until the user clicks on “Prepend” a third time.

I’m trying to keep the number of API requests as low as possible.