[Issue] Player card showing small image instead of large image



I have a player card that has an image associated with it. The image is 1200 x 675 px, but the image shown in the tweet is the small square image instead of a large image. How do I get the player card to show a larger image (similar to the summary card with large image) instead of the smaller square image? Here’s a link to a tweet with our player card: https://twitter.com/huzzaz/status/811291795770511360


This is just the way that player cards work in the timeline. Once you click on the player, the card expands. There’s no code change that would help here.


On mobile devices, there is no image associated with the tweet unless i click on the tweet just right to open it. There is no indication that it’s a player card and there is a video that goes along with it. Is this the intended behavior as well for player cards? Is it possible to show an image on a player card tweet on mobile?


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