[Issue] Player Card not working as Intended on Mobile



Behavior on mobile device does not reflect the player card documentation page: https://dev.twitter.com/cards/types/player

It does not show the image initially. You have to click on the tweet to show the image. Then when you click on the image/play icon, it does not open the simulated browser and follow the url in the the URL specified by twitter:player

(i’m testing on an iPhone 6s with the most up to date iOS and twitter app)
tweet: https://twitter.com/huzzaz/status/811291795770511360

How do i get this to work?

Everything looks to work as it should on desktop and using the twitter card validator


You’ve asked this question already. Is there a reason for creating a new thread?

I’ve explained already that cards behave differently in different clients.


The first question I asked was related to just the image but as I started looking closer at what was happening, I realized that more of the player card functionality was missing or possibly broken.

When on the mobile device, it doesn’t use the URL in the twitter:player meta tag to play the iframe in a simulated browser and it doesn’t show the image at all on the tweet. What is the point of the player card if it doesn’t show the image and it doesn’t use the iframe player within twitter? Would it be better to just use a summary card so that it would show an image and then link to our own player?


Here are some screenshots from my iPhone 6s to illustrate what I’m talking about.

What the tweet looks like in the timeline:

What the tweet looks like when tapped on
The image/play icon does not do anything when tapped on

Here’s the Twitter player card documentation for mobile behavior: https://dev.twitter.com/cards/types/player

The image preview does not initially show the image preview and it does not open the URL specified by twitter:player

How do I get the player card to behave in the way that is described in the player card documentation?


So…I figured out that we were using the twitter:player:stream and twitter:player:Stream:content_type meta tags even thought we weren’t using a raw .mp4, which is probably why the image link to the player was broken. After I deleted those tags, the link opened the simulated browser to the URL indicated in the twitter:player meta tag.

However, it’s still disappointing that a preview image does not show on mobile to indicate that the tweet is a player card and can be interacted with. YouTube and SoundCloud links on mobile will usually show an image for their player cards by default. How can I do the same thing?


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