Issue on Summary Card with Large Image


I just Tweeted that link with no problem.


Hi Andy,

Yes, we can able to Tweet that link, the issue is it is not displaying the associated image. Only when I validate the page URL manually in the Card validator then the image appears.


That does not look like the same link.


No, it is the same link. Please try from your end and you can see that the image won’t appear while Tweeting.


I’ve already done that and the card shows up fine in the rendered Tweet. Example:


Hi When I opened this link; I am not getting any social link associated with this link to post.


Not sure what was the issue from my side, still I am not getting the associated image while Tweeting the above link.


Hi, pls refer the attached image where I have highlighted the twitter icon to share this post.


Right. So you’ve configured that button to post the link which is not the same as the link which is the one that I shared.

Validating the first link results in the following errors:

ERROR: Fetching the page failed because it resulted in too many redirects.
WARN:  this card is redirected to

So, that link is broken and no card can be shown. The actual page and card work fine.


Hi, Even I have the same issue. I have my survey designed in Qualtrics and I inserted meta code in the html head section. When I run the link using the Card validator it warns “Not Whitelisted”. Can you please help


That is not the same issue.

We have a full set of troubleshooting steps in the pinned FAQ post. Have you been through all of those already?


Hi Raghu,

As Andy mentioned it is not the same issue.

I am seeing only the “twitter:image” meta tag in the link you mentioned. There are some required tags like (twitter:card, twitter:title etc.,) based on the card type you choose for implementation. Pls refer the below link


It looks like your page is trying to render those tags in Javascript after page load. That will not work. They need to be static, as the cards crawler cannot execute Javascript.


Hi Andy, Thanks for your quick reply. So what’s the best solution ? Should I reach out to Qualtrics to fix this or is there some code which i can use to fix this?



No, it is not like that. We are not using “” to post the link, it is just an encrypted URL that redirects to the actual link.‘Biff’-From-Back-to-the-Future-To-Make#sthash.RU1gHgz5.tMPClS23.dpbs” is the actual link from where we are sharing the post. Even this link is not fetching the associated image while Tweeting.

I tried with different user account still I am not getting the associated image.


Just paste the static tags into the page, rather than having them rendered via JS. I have no idea how Qualtrics works, so if this is not possible then you’ll have to raise with them.


I understand that the shorter link is a redirect, but unfortunately it causes the card validator not to see the card, so when you Tweet it, nothing is rendered.

As I showed you, I’m able to post the original master URL and have the card show up. It will not show up in the Tweet compose box on the web, only in the final Tweet after it is posted.


Thank you, Andy.


Hi Navin,

Few days back, I was facing same issue, but with help of Andy’s post I solved it.

I would suggest you try with twitter button, might be problem with twitter button URL, and from here you add your URL which you’re using for article page.

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