Issue in search api



I am using search api to display all tweets searched by query.
Previously it was worked but now it’s returning empty resuts.
Please help us as soon as possible.

Below is url


Hear is the Url


See [node:18242] for more information on this bug. Also, you’re using a deprecated API and should move to API v1.1 by June 11.


Today (Thu 2013-06-06 07:09) Twitter updated the doc page for twitter api (previos update on this page was on 2012-08-25). They changed the item “limitations” (see that page).
They add the following point:
“In API v1.1, the Search API requires some form ofauthentication – either OAuth 1.0A or app-only auth”
(It wasn’t in previos version of doc) WTF!

They don’t prevent us about this issue. I’m furious! Thanks twitter

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