Issue in creating custom conversions



  1. I had setup universal tracking code to fire across all the pages through Google tag manager and then

  2. I created 3 custom conversions with “Single event website tag” type and again I placed this code through GTM as custom html code with the right firing/triggering rule but none of these conversions are firing in twitter dashboard. I see that the status remains as “unverified” even though we generated couple of actions related to these conversions.

GMT tag: custom html

Note: I’m just tracking a step in my single page app which has a form with 2 fields such as name & category and I don’t pass any commerce values such as sale amount, order quantity etc…

So, please can anyone help me to fix this issue.


Hi @balaselotsoft,

Can you please submit this through and click ‘Help’ in the corner? They will be able to give you better 1 on 1 support since we will need account level information you may not want to share on the forums.