Issue embedding a search to a website


Hi everyone,

I have embedded a search into a clients website ( towards the bottom). The client can only see the first Tweet that starts with “It’s Friday afternoon!..” then they get a Load more button and when they click on it there are no more tweets. However, I don’t see this. Here is what I see:

Here is the search URL I am using:;vertical=defaultamp;q=-ContainerSummit%20-postreentry%20-terrorism%20-fodtrumpmovie%20-terrorist%20-ourthreewinners%20-DAESH%20-CursedChild%20-torture%20-1linewed%20%23prosperlincoln

Thoughts? There are no JavaScript errors either.


Hi there! I’m also unable to reproduce their error. Did they provide any other details? The load button on the site you linked seems to work fine.


Our client got an email from Twitter and here is an image of that. It looks like maybe you don’t support it anymore?


Here is an image from the clients computer:


In regards to the email, Search Timelines will not be deprecated until July 27th (more info here) so that’s not the cause of this particular problem. However, you may consider using a different Timeline display option in preparation for the deprecation.

In terms of the error, so far I’ve been able to inconsistently reproduce it. Will investigate more and keep you posted.



Thank so much! We will start looking for another option in the mean time.

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