Issue Authenticating for Webhook registration


I’m trying to register my webhook for the account activities API, but for some reason, I keep getting error 32 when trying to do so. When using the exact same set of tokens in Postman for a different part of the API like posting a tweet there’s no issue, but specifically, when I send a post request to it returns that error. It even allows me to view my (albeit empty) list of registered webhooks when I get Before someone asks, I do have a dev environment registered.

I’d really appreciate if someone could help me with this issue. For reference, my app id is 16031946.


Hi @Alec2435, it looks like your account is set up and everything checks out with your app. I think you probably haven’t secured your webhook:

Review Step 3 here:

Make sure you’ve set up your webhook correctly:

Please review these docs and make sure your webhook is able to return the correct response_token, and let me know how it goes.


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