Issue Accessing ADS API Campaign metrics info


I have been added to Twitter ads account, and then there was an app for me on Ads Account to use with it. I have received consumer_key,Consumer_Secret,Token_Key and Token_Secret,Account Id and trying to extract metrics per campaign per day (impressions, clicks, cpm, etc.).

But i am getting below Error.

Forbidden: 403 details=[{u’message’: u’The client application making this request does not have access to this API’, u’code’: u’UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION’}]>


Hi @PkuriAjay! The application you are using must be whitelisted for Ads API. It seems it’s not. Also, take a look at I guess you would have Developer access level, for which this is true:

This access level will enable up to 5 oAuth Tokens and will restrict various API functionality and may be subject to additional limitations. Partners are strictly prohibited from creating, managing and/or reporting advertiser campaigns via the Twitter Ads API at Developer level.

So, getting reporting data is prohibited at Developer level.


@majoritasdev Thanks for your reponse. In this case ,will i be able to query ADs API using Customer account credentials instead of my personal account ?? Also, What needs to be done if i have to use my account ?? What level should i been ?? Appreciate your response.


@PkuriAjay: I have just found out from this post Campaign Stats that you can hit the stats endpoints successfully even at Developer level.

Regardless of what credentials you are using, you must have a whitelisted app to use with the Ads API.