Issue #1412: Duplicate List when create


Issue #1412: Duplicate List when create

This is definitely happening for me - it is a significant issue within our application - is there a known workaround or timescale for getting this fixed?

Duplicate Lists being created

Can you provide some examples of duplicate lists (list IDs would be helpful)?


also happening to me, using Tuiter node.js client.
the API call returns only one list Id, but duplicate lists are created, with the same slug and name.

Only one of them is actually populated with members, the other ones showing ‘0’ members.


Example with listId: 100951029, visible at

In my account’s “lists” page I see three of them with the same name and poiting to the same URI, two with 0 members, one with 26 members. When I go to the list I see 0 members.


I’m experiencing this same problem with a hand-rolled api script. My create and populate list functions are working correctly but sometimes the create action makes a duplicate list with the same list id. The clone lists have 0 members. Then when I make a list delete api call using that duplicated list ID, it only deletes one of them.


this essentially breaks list creation functionality, because if delete sometimes leaves behind a copy, the user will hit their 20 list limit accidentally


I was able to create two identical lists using (or maybe the site doubled them for me?).

Now, I can’t remove either one, nor can I assign anything to them.



I got a duplicate when creating a list via (I’ve also had this when creating them from SproutSocial).

This recent time, I added a couple of people to one of the lists - the two lists were visible, one listed as having a couple of members, one listed as empty.

However, when I clicked on either list name (even the “empty” one), I still saw the same two members. I tried to delete both lists to correct it, however I could only delete the one listed as having members - the other won’t delete. I now have this orphan list there that I can’t add people to, and can’t delete.


I’m experiencing the same thing when using to create lists. Attempting to delete or change them from public to private gives me an “internal server error” or “something went wrong on our side.”


Of course it just starting working again after posting my last message.


Me too! Same issue when creating a list using I created one list and 3 showed up. Trying to delete them gives “internal server error”, and trying to rename them gives “something went wrong on our side” error.


I have the same problem. Two lists on Animal Rights. Can’t rename or delete either. This thread began 34 weeks ago and people are still having the same problem. I"m curious if twitter has any intention of resolving it?


Was able to delete just now. Maybe if we attempt repeated if will eventually work. Maybe not.


Same happens to me. The duplicated list appears some minutes after the creation. During this time if you try to get the list details using lists/show by list_id you get a 404. Related to


same happens to me. creating duplicate lists with same name, sometimes can’t delete these list from account, throwing “internal server error”


I’m pretty sure this is what I’m experiencing. Anyone else seeing this?


Hei, any updates on this? it’s happening with us too.

We thought at first it was some underlying retry code or something:
I proxi’ed the call through Fiddler and got a single ‘POST /1.1/lists/create.json HTTP/1.1’ resulting in 2 list (we sometimes get upto four): 171174822 & 171174823 (having same slug name and everything)


Was also having this issue, but thankfully a Twitter staff member mentioned that they have an internal ticket open to track resolution for this problem. Duplicate Lists being created Hopefully it’s fixed soon!