Is twitter's widgets.js is open licensed to download?



I need to implement twitter widget in IE8 and below versions.
I created the widget from twitter site and implement the provided code in my site but unfortunately widget were not showing in IE8 and below versions.
I downloaded widget.js from : and added in my local machine project and replace this line of code: with my local projects widgets.js file path and checked. I am able to get widgets in IE8 and below by doing this.
I need to know that does this widget.js is available as an open license for anyone to use and modify?


I’m fairly sure you have to use it directly from Twitter’s server. I don’t think you can download it and use locally.

I don’t think it’s open source, either.


No, Twitter’s widgets JavaScript is not released under an open-source license for modification or self-hosting.

We serve our widgets JavaScript with a short cache life, allowing all sites to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes as they roll out. Older versions of Twitter’s widgets JavaScript may stop functioning, as they depend on resources tightly coupled with the latest JavaScript.