Is Twitter Trends different from Trends API?


It’s been a long time since I’m using the REST API and seems to deliver them well. I’m using the GET trends/place to get the Trend results when requested. What I noticed is, there’s a different result in Twitter’s Trends List and Trends API? Is Trends list synchronized with the GET trends/place?

Also one thing, for example, in the Philippines, the hashtag is #DTBY, in GET trend/place, the hashtag appears on the list but on the Twitter Trend list, there’s no appearance then the hashtag appears in the morning. Assuming the hashtag #DTBY started at 7PM, expecting to trend because of number of users tweeting, but doesn’t appear around 9PM, in the next day morning, it appears on the Twitter Trend.

Looking forward to your response.



Have you ever got a response? I’ve been having the same issue with trends from Brazil.