Is Twitter the right/best platform for doing this


I am developing an app. The app manages thousands of “things” App users can subscribe to 1 or more of the “things” but typically will only subscribe to a few, and in most cases no more than 10. Each of the “things” could have anywhere from a few hundred subscribers to potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The “things” which are managed on a server are fairly static, but may change from time to time. A server process/application can detect and do something like notify_subscribers_of changes() whenever a change is detected to any of the “things.”

I was hoping to use the Twitter platform to allow app users to follow the “things” so that the server process notify_subscribers_of changes() could inform the users.

Before I knew about any Twitter limits (other than the 140 character max per msg), I thought I would just have a Twiitter account for each of the “things” (account creation being automated, of course). From what I understand, each twitter account is tied one-to-one with a unique email address. This would mean creating/having potentially several thousand unique email accounts. :frowning: Having just one account would not work, since it is not desirable to have a tweet “things have changed for thing X” going to anyone not subscribed (not interested) in “thing X”

Maybe I don’t quite understand the capabilities of Twitter enough to make a decision. I’ve looked at lists (limited to 5,000 members) and #hashtags but don’t really understand how I might be able to use those, or if using hashtags could work.

So, I am looking for suggestions or recommendations. I really don’t want to put up an email dialog and collect email addresses…ugh! If I could use them, app users following something Twitter and then having the backend post automated tweets really would be ideal for this app.


Thank you so much!