Is Twitter Kit support upload video



I’m using Twitter4j to upload video but it doesn’t work and throw Exception but the tweet message itself is tweeted
so can I use Twitter kit to upload video ?
now I don’t want to do by HTTP REST API if there is alternative solution.


The Twitter Kit can help with the authentication portion of making a REST call, but there isn’t an out of the box way yet to upload media. You can extend our REST API client:


What are your suggestions to upload video ?
I searched alot and didn’t find any solutions so far
twitvid no longer available as I found and also Twitter4j didn’t work


We have a full guide for uploading media through our REST API here:

If you have specific issues you’re running into when trying this out, please let us know!



I’m getting a 400 bad request whenever trying to upload videos. It’s a 640 x 640 KB, 250 KB video so it should be fine. Followed the whole guide and still can’t get it. INIT and APPEND work, but not FINALIZE. Any idea?