Is this the right API for pulling my own stats?


It looks like the Ads API enables building applications to support 3rd party advertisers. All I want to do is pull my own company’s ad stats (e.g. clicks, spend, etc.). Do I need to apply for the Ads API to do that, or is there another solution?


@Paul1 You’re right - this forum is for partners who are developing products on top of the Twitter Ads API. For your use case, you should be able to get the information you need from the interface (I believe there are some report exporting options, but I would recommend you refer to the self-serve ads docs).


@jillblaz, thanks for the reply. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. I’m a developer creating an automated solution for importing our ad spend and stats into our proprietary reporting system. Is there any other API that can provide that data?


@Paul1 Ah, I see. In this case, you would indeed need to apply to gain access to the API and can do so here:





I have a similar need. Currently, data is exported as csv file manually from through UI. I am in the process of automating it so the system can pull clicks, impressions, spend, installs automatically for each campaign on a daily basis. I tried using the following REST endpoints

GET stats/accounts/:account_id/campaigns - to fetch list of campaigns and I get the list of campaign names, their campaign ids and all successfully.

I need “clicks”, “installs”, “impressions” and “spends” for each campaign. I tried using this endpoint:
GET stats/accounts/:account_id/campaigns/:id
I am getting HTTP/200 with json response but they are no metrics, all the values are zero

I have large number of campaigns, if there is a way to get these stats in 1 REST call, it would be great. Please advise which REST endpoint to use to get these metrics in what order like do i need to get all campaign ids first before making individual call to get stats or is there a batch call i can make.

@Paul1 , did you manage to find the right api to get these stats?

I appreciate your time and help


@jillblaz Hi…for a college project, i need to sort a user’s tweets into simple and promoted tweets…is there a way to do that? i haven’t found anything for this in the documentation…


@jillblaz by user, i mean any random user…