Is there something wrong with this request?


Hi there,

I am using an OAuth library for an app written in AS3.
I get the access token, no problem at all.
However I constantly receive a ‘could not authenticate you’ JSON when I try to verify the credentials:[hidden]&oauth_nonce=b51f263d5b505467ab2d5a2c55aed05f&oauth_signature=JUXXU55wmJJVua90AJja5l3d9AA%3D&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1&oauth_timestamp=1337022419&oauth_token=Cyf48k3bOPsCyyu9yOQHNA3e8vYX8zgsUNJSrE18&oauth_version=1.0

Something wrong with this request??



It doesn’t look like you’re using the right oauth_token in this request. Twitter access tokens typically are preceded by the user’s ID integer and a dash – it’s like the oauth_token value you’re using here is actually a request token, which has no information about the user in the request.


I took the ‘oauth_token’ from the callback url and used it for the request.
But I forgot to convert the request token to an access token by calling the POST oauth/access_token endpoint. That should make it work right?


Correct, you need to exchange the request token for an access token to be able to make a valid request with it.