Is there documentation on what deeplinks are available in the Twitter App?


I’ve been digging around, and can’t find anything mentioned beyond “twitter://timeline” Obviously there is a ton of information about using deeplinks in twitter card to link OUT to other apps. But, I can’t find information about what all can be linked IN to the Twitter app.


Unfortunately we don’t currently document these links into the Twitter app, but it is on my radar as something that we might add to the developer site in the future.


Thank you @andypiper! Any chance you’re willing to share a few that are top of mind here? Otherwise I’ll just watch for an update in the future.


I’m reluctant to do that, because I’m not certain which ones are “supported” - ultimately the fact that we haven’t documented them publicly means that you shouldn’t rely on them to be stable / not to change.

If you were to, ahem, search the web for “iOS URL schemes Twitter” :wink: you’ll find some Twitter examples that others have documented, but currently these are not part of the public developer documentation, and I don’t think there’s anything out there that is comprehensive currently.


Hi there,

is there any update on this issue? I am especially looking for the deeplinks for retweeting, responding and liking a tweet.

Thanks a lot for any help.


There are currently no plans to document the Twitter app deeplinks for external usage. You’re free to use web intents to trigger these behaviours via the mobile web.


Thanks for the response @andypiper, would you still be able to support us with the iOS URL Schemes for retweeting, responding and liking a tweet ?


As I mentioned earlier in the thread, we do not publish these as doing so would lead to them having to be supported on an ongoing basis. I’m not able to share the schemes at this time.