Is there any working example of Twitter streaming API



I need working example of twitter streaming API in php, I only want to track word influenza for research process, but I can’t get any working example. Please guide.


There are plenty of PHP libraries listed on our dev site - most of them have examples.


is there need of any dedicated server to run this library, this library not working on my server, i have taken this from github. When i run this on my server, noting show, only execution take place, it mean browser shows noting but just execute, i have put my own secret keys etc.


I’ve never used it, but checked the docs and saw this:

Please note that this library is only intended to work in a CLI environment (not embedded in a web-script and run by your webserver) and will likely require some form of multi-processing (either pcntl_fork() or entirely separate processes and some knowledge of how multi-processing works on your and your hosting providers operating systems). See below for more details.

It might be a good idea to ask on the project’s mailing list rather than on these forums, since the library is not owned by Twitter.