Is there any way to get your 350 rate limit calls via url?


Hi guys, as you know there are two types of rate limits :

150 api calls/ip/hour : if you’re not logged in

350 api calls/ip/hour : if you’re logged in.

I’m just wondering if there’s any way to log in via URL parsing your username and password account.

Many thanks in advance!!!


OAuth is the only means to provide a “logged in” state for a user while leveraging the API. Those rate limits reflect version 1 of the API, which is now deprecated. Version 1.1 of the API has a different rate limiting models.

Passing username and password while connecting via a URL is called “basic auth” and hasn’t been supported by Twitter for a few years for the REST API.


Thanks Taylor,

but I’m still confusing about how to do this.

As far as I’m concerned, if I write the following link in my browser :

It will recognize me as an authenticate user? Which means 350 api calls per hour?

The point is to figure out two things :

1-If my affirmation is true or not.
2- How to get my own oauth-token without doing scripts in C#, PHP, etc…

Many thanks in advance!!!


An oauth_token is not sufficient – you need to fully sign the request using secure server-side code – pure client-side development with API v1.1 is not possible at this time. You’ll need to use server-side language to accomplish authorized requests to the API.