Is there any way to get all tweets?



Hello ,

According to the documentation the GET search/tweets is not convenient for my problem as “Not all Tweets will be indexed or made available via the search interface.” .

Now , if the other alternative -as far as I know - is the Streaming API which would provide me real time data , how can I accomplish what I need?.

For example . Let’s say that I want to get all the tweets with the hashtag #example. Right now , when we use the API , the results we got are either popular , recent or mixed. But what if I want to get all of them?

I understand that if any , it will be limited or restricted but as the normal twitter search allows me to do that without problems , I am wondering if there is any API solution to do so. All I really need is to retrieve all the tweets with my hashtag and I really doubt that the number is over a 1000 tweets.

Thank you


I appreciate your help but I am trying to solve this problem using the API myself.

In addition your services outputs the following message

This application cannot authenticate more users at this time.


You want the filter stream: with the track parameter set to #myhashtag - this will make sure you get all tweets with #myhashtag from the time you open the connection until you disconnect.


That’s OK, you’re welcome, I understand.

I’ve never saw this before, thanks for the insight, I’ll see what’s going on with it there. Did you try more than once?



Not exactly what I wanted. I was expecting to be able to get old tweets and not only the streaming data, but apparently this is not possible.


I tried multiple times. I think that twitter is limiting the amount of clients you can have .


The Search API will only give you Tweets within the last 7 days, and may not be a complete index.


I found out what was going on, we have a service that polls and the site had recently been worked on and was using the incorrect token/secret! :slight_smile: Will be fixed in the next deployment!


You might have to reach out to GNip?