Is there any way to get a list of targetable users or the actual number of the users using Ads API?




I am trying to make a Tailored Audience which contains users’ idfas using Twitter Ads API.

But I can not see the number of actual targetable users easily.

I understand it takes some time to calculate the number of the targetable users.

Is it possible to see the list of idfas that I sent and Twitter calculated by using Twitter API?

I would like to know to whom I am actually supposed to target in the end.



Hey @saku_yoshir

Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, we never allow advertisers/partners to view the actual users in their audiences. Once you’ve created an Audience however, you can query the GET tailored_audiences to check the status and size.

Hope that helps!


Thank you imit8me

I am going to try GET Tailored audience method.