Is there any possibility to disable the footer on a twitter card?


I’d like to know if there’s any possibility to disable footer buttons when I use widget.js

My code is something like this, but I cannot see the way of doing that:

align: ‘left’
.then(function (el) {
console.log(“Tweet displayed.”)


When you say “footer buttons”, are you referring to the bar of Tweet actions (like, Retweet, etc) or are you specifically referring to the content of Twitter Cards displayed in embedded Tweets?


I mean, when I embed a tweet in my web page


Can you share an image to show what you mean when you say “the footer” to be sure I’m answering the question you are asking?

If there’s an actual card in the Tweet, you can remove it and only show the URL by using the data-cards="hidden" parameter per the documentation.


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