Is there any method for grabbing statistics of Twitter account?


Hello , I’m looking for some methods of API which can help me provide statistics of Twitter account. Didnt find anything yet. Is there a way to do it somehow?

Data that can be pulled from Ads API

Some statistics (number of followers, Tweets etc) are in the User object. There’s no general purpose analytics API, but you could use the downloadable CSV file from your Analytics dashboard to get more data.


So there is no access to a analytics by API? Thats a little strange.


Thats pretty poor statistics, I even doesnt find the total count of how many statuses were favorited. Maybe I miss something? No way to get stas by last month? like how many retweets and favorites ben did by followers/other-users?


As I mentioned, at the moment there’s no Analytics API, so in order to get more details you can use the CSV export. There are some other Twitter Official Partners that may be able to help you with more information that they derive for themselves.


Are there any updates now? Is it possible to pull the Analytics dashboard data using API?


There is an official API from Gnip (the Engagements API).


In that case, I got Ads API access for my application. But I am unable to pull any data. It throws an error that says: “The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.","code”:64. I want to know what data can be pulled by the Ads API and which package is to be used? I already tried Twython and Twitter ads.


For the Ads API please open a topic in the Advertiser API category. The data from the Ads API relates to campaigns and ads specifically, not to general account statistics.


I have seen ‘Engagement API’ which can pull the analytics related data but this API is written in ‘Ruby’ only. Is there any Java alternative available for accessing the same?


The Engagement API from Gnip is a regular RESTful API which any language should be capable of calling. The example library on our samples page is just in Ruby, but there’s no reason not to use Java if you’d like.