Is there any endpoint for reverse lookup for a location info?




I fetched this information from the endpoint

  "country_code": "US",
  "location_type": "CITY",
  "name": "Portland OR, OR, USA",
  "targeting_type": "LOCATION",
  "targeting_value": "b6b8d75a320f81d9

Then I have saved only the targeting_value ,b6b8d75a320f81d9, in DB.

Later, If I want to get location name, what endpoint I can use to retrieve it?
It seems there is nothing I can use in ads-api and generic geo location endpoints are not working with the id

Thanks again.


Generally, you should save off the name and it’s also possible to try to retrieve the localized name for some targeting_criteria and some languages. This is commonly used for filling in the dropdown box of selectable values for something like selecting Location targeting for your ads.

Once you use the targeting criteria and associate it to a line item, the value would still be visible via fetching the line item’s associated targeting criteria: /1/accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria?line_item_id=:line_item_id ( However you do not want to have to fetch that info via the Line Item every time you try to display or export some information.




That gives me enough idea.
Just wanted to make sure things around this.
Thank you so much.