Is there any easy way to get top Trending topics?


I saw that trend result came from api is not that one showing in account page. My question is there any way to determine the top 10 trending topics.

I’m not asking about the twitter algorithm here. May be guide me to achieve how to get the top 1 to 10 trending topic via api.


Trends depends on location. Here is what you can do with APIs :


Thanks for the response. I want trends by order. Right now it gives me 35 to 40 results. I want 1 to 10 by order.


Is is sorted by trends, so just keep 1 to 10 from the result.


yeah the return trends is list and the JSON array of list is persistent. But comparing to my account in the web that trend is totally different


The trends endpoint may not always directly reflect what is presented to an individual logged-in user on There’s no endpoint that will provide that specific behaviour.