Is there any API method in version 1.1 to delete/undo a retweet?


Currently, i couldn’t find any API method to delete/undo a retweet made by the authenticated user.
Is there any work around for this?
When can we get an API method for the same?
Please help me in this regard.
Thanks in advance.


Use [node:9701] to undo retweets – retweets are just special kinds of tweets. By specifying the ID of the retweet (as opposed to the tweet that was retweeted) you can delete the retweet on behalf of the current user.


I have tried that. But i got an error “Sorry, that page does not exist”


Can you run me through the scenario? The tweet ID you’re sending to statuses/destroy, the ID of the retweet, and the ID of the original tweet that was retweeted, and the user ID or screen name you’re acting on behalf of?



tweetID sent to statuses/destroy : 321550216178319361
ID of the original tweet : 321549742846914560
Authenticated screen name: gururajasubbiah


And can you share the URL or URL and POST body you’re executing for the request?


Sorry! The bug is on my end.Have been sending the wrong id with the URL.
Have fixed it now.
Thanks a lot:)


I am also getting the same error message when I am trying to the Undo for retweet.
message - “Sorry, that page does not exist”


Instead of sending id you must use id_str for “Sorry, that page does not exist” error


Thank you very much for the information


code sample pls, tweet delete rest api 1.1 and tmhoauth class


If you are already authenticated then
the issue lies in your method call "POST"
Can’t tell more Cause don’t know your platform.


no delete tweets

$twitter->post(‘statuses/destroy/’, array(‘id’ => $id));



so, how i can undo retweet.?
what the method?


Took me a few hours to figure this out…

$response = $connection->post('statuses/destroy/'.$tweetID, array()); 
->Curl url output = statuses/destroy/$tweetID.json

This will NOT work:

$response = $connection->post('statuses/destroy/', array('id' => $tweetID)); 
-> Curl url output = statuses/destroy/.json


LabSpaces , you are clever.



I did that and I get “You may not delete another user’s status.” as return message from the API. What am I doing wrong?