Is there any API Edge or Plan to make one, where it is possible to directly get effected Promotted Tweets in a particular date range?


My apologies that I’ve posted a similar question a month ago and that was closed because I accepted a solution and implemented it, because implementation and getting results was my First Priority. Now my worries I mentioned in that thread have become reality and I am facing problem of Slow because our Client is really big with 3100 open campaigns. I have implemented the RATE_API_LIMIT and able to get all stats successfully but the problem is that it is really slow.

In reality I may have only 10~12 campaigns which belong to our Application but due to no campaigns id in our system I have to get all of them. I tried sorting the campaigns but unfortunately in my current case all campaigns are active and I have to get all the data of all the line items and then for effected date I get the promoted tweets to get the Stats.

My Actual Current Actual Problem:

The Stats end point GET stats/accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets demands a required attribute of promoted_tweet_ids. To get promoted tweets ids I need to have line_items to get line_items I get campaign_ids and filter those which are open according to current date (via end_time). This reverse order is really slow because my current Advertiser I am getting data for is too big and have all campaigns as opened :confused:

** My Actual requirement/request**

Is there any implementation where I can do some like, I just hit some stats API end point and get only the effected promoted Tweets with only date range parameter, and then I can get the line_items and campaigns which are effected ? Sorry for asking this question again but I still am looking for some reasonable solution!

I hope I’ll find some solution out of this discussion and that maybe helpful for others who may have similar scenario.

The few way out I am thinking about. (Ask my advertiser to manually input the campaign Ids in my Application’s Database, which actually belong to my Application.) But I don’t like it because it is not automated


A little same but maybe a little efficient than current solution. Ask my Advertiser to name the campaign having my Application’s name as a part of campaign name.


Twitter please recommend some solution, all I need to get only effected promoted_tweets for a date range.

[How to get Promoted Tweet Ids OR Line Item Ids which have some analytics data in stats apis for a particular date range](My Old Closed Thread)



Your feedback about this difficulty of filtering Promo Tweets is definitely a known issue but for the existing system, what was answered in the previous thread is still our recommendation and any feedback is more likely to be applied to future endpoints.

A system using our Ads API usually would need to have scalability to be able to report upon and provide analytics for up to 1000s of campaigns, and it is not necessary to pull the metrics more than one for the greater majority of metrics so it can be done little by little and stored in a database. You should be able to track what you have and have not synced from our API, and only backfill things which could change later like conversion data. Following guidelines about how to pull stats will solve a large number of problems.

As for limiting data to only campaigns that belong to your system, it would be common in this scenario for your application to be given Ads Manager access to an account that was created for the purpose of running campaigns with your tool. If you are given access to the Advertiser Token and not an Ads Manager Token, it is by current design that you will see everything associated with the account and your system will have to deal with it in some way or another.

Please see and if needed consult with your program management contact as the setup/strategy of Ad accounts is outside of the scope of this forum.



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