Is there an easy way to lengthen my tweet count from 140?


Is there an easy way to lengthen my tweet count from 140?

I want to bring up the Title of the page and the URL but when you combine the two it goes way over 140.

I get the reasoning behind a 140 character limit but I would think people would forsee that a title of page
and the URL would go way over 140 characters.

What are the “best use” options for me.

My title could be up to 98 characters and my URL could be up to 115 characters.
My visitors would want to send a posting from our knowledge base.
Here’s an example:

Why does the Catholic Church offer Jesus as an unbloody sacrifice through His Last Supper?

My e-mail:


yes Look for as many symbols as possible to replace words.i.e. to=2 and=& the=D then combine words by Caps = ManyThings U can use @least 2words 2gether without reading problems
but if you need max space capping all words and puting them together will help. MyNextGeneration of People&AnimalsWill B Great&U ShouldKnow C what i Mean. thanx


These days, any URL in a Tweet is basically going to be evaluated as “20 characters” long – so your 115 character long URL should actually just be considered 20 characters long for all intents and purposes. This affords you an additional 119 characters (accounting for a mandatory space character) for the remainder of your content.

Not all Twitter clients will pre-evaluate your content and count the characters that way, but most should.



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