Is there a way to use a media_id repeatedly without the image going to the gallery?



We want to run a contest with a very important client’s account (~ 5M followers), and they have cool pictures and videos on their gallery, so we don’t want our contest to change that.

The contest is pretty straightforward: When you’re getting close to the prize (say, tweet #10000), we send an autoreply to the users with an image that they’re getting close to the prize. The image is from a list of predefined images (5 items), same for all the replies.

Of course, we first upload the media and get the media_id of the images. Then we repeatedly use those media_id(s) to reply the tweets that are getting closer to the prize. Albeit is the same media_id(s) we use on every reply, the gallery is repeating the image of every reply on the gallery.

So, is there a way this not to happen? Maybe the image appearing one time only, or not appearing at all at the gallery?



No, this is not the way that media IDs work.


Ok, thanks for the response. Leaving the media_id aside, is there any other way to display image on tweets and not having them on the gallery?


Not that I am aware of.