Is there a way to update an already reweeted large photo summary card with the new thumbnail?


We are trying to make an interactive experience for people tweeting content/site url with incremental updates. However I have noticed that Twitter caches the url and meta data (namely the image for large summary card for example) so if we change the meta tag for an image to a new image we have generated the retweets are all showing the old image.

I understand that twitter web-crawler crawls the twitter card origin url only once in a while (meaning every 24 hours or longer) but I’m hoping that there is an option within meta tags that can tell twitter not to cache the image in the card so when we update the meta tag it’s refreshed in all tweets/retweets.

We would like to update the card meta tags with new image based on user’s retweets but the cache system doesn’t allow any changes as retweets don’t look for an updated meta information.

Is there a way around this or a meta tag value to tell twitter not to cache or to force Twitterbot to re-crawl the url similar to Facebook’s linter/crawler via curl?



Thanks for the question, Boz. The Twitter Card cache is actually 7 days, which I understand is not ideal in your case for more frequently updated content. The only method to refresh a card is by submitting a URL through the card validator. This may or may not be helpful depending on how many cards you need to update.