Is there a way to send a status update dynamically (no twitter widget)


Hi -
I have a constraint that I cant use any of the twitter anywhere widgets and need to post to users’ status (feed). I prefer javascript but doesn’t look like you can do that so in light of that: what is the Url to use? what needs to be appended to the url: which token (I see how to get auth, request, and access tokens), assuming status is status=status user typed, do I need then client_id or is there a url I need to send first to allow authorization for the user.

I need it to fire a message the user typed (earlier in the app steps) automatically so if the user is already authenticated it just sends it otherwise they get a popup to login and authorize the app and then it just posts to their feed. Exactly like the anywhere tweet box - but I cant use that cause the user entered message is used for other things and css conflicts, etc.

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