Is there a way to remove authenticated ads accounts from my ads api application?



i want to remove previous users ads accounts that are authenticated with my application, so that i could add new user ads accounts and test things


Please take a look at the POST invalidate_token API endpoint in order to invalidate a user’s access token/secret.



Hi @usmanarham, can you please let me know how you add multiple ads accounts to an AppId ?


Hey @basharkheng Please use the 3-legged oAuth process to validate additional Ads accounts.



Hey @imit8me, can you please help me on how to use 3-legged oAuth to validate these accounts.


Hey @imit8me we have been experimenting a lot in developing our web application and now have lost control over the users that have authenticated with our application, so we can not use invaliadte_token api in our case, is there any other way we can reset our access tokens limit ?

i have read that regenerating our consumer key and secret key might help ? is this correct ?

our application : 8987387 have developers access for twitter ads api and real time audience management do changing the keys will have any effect on these ?