Is there a way to get the trends not specific to any location?


I want to get all the latest trends for today ? rest api requires the location ,but I do not need the trends specific to a location , i just need the latest trends ?
Is this possible ? How ?

Twitter currently do not support information specific to my country (Bangladesh) , does not show my country name . Is there a way to add my own location for information? What is the purpose of ??


I believe you can use an id of “1” for global representation


I have the same problem. My country is not inside the list of country available ?
How to collect trend from my country in this case ?
How to add my country location ?


That’s correct.


What country are you looking for? [node:10013] has instructions on getting the list of available locations for trends.


hi… i am new to IOS . i am developing an app which will shows twitter trends … can i get help like how to parse this link to get twitter trends… if i get sample code from you guys… it will be better for me… thanks in advance