Is there a way to get more info about why Could not authenticate you","code":32


in other words, is there a way to get more information as to why? bad header, bad format, missing parm etc?

posting to the API call with Java HttpURLConnection -

authorisation header looks correct, certainly seems awfully similar to the samples that can be generated on the API page for that call


is there a dev link that I can post my query to that supplies more information rather than the mainstream active APIs?


Auth errors tend to be vague so as not to leak any unnecessary information.

In most cases, an OAuth 1.0A error occurs because of something invalid about the signature base string – or a disagreement between the POST or query string you’re sending and what that signature base string describes. First make sure that your request is completely valid HTTP 1.1, with all the escaping of bodies and URLs that that requires. Then make sure that when your code is generating signature base strings, its consideration of how escaping is approached is based on the already valid HTTP 1.1 you’re performing.