Is there a way to get full DM text via API?



I’m working on a API where we are pulling DMs onto our server because they have to be anonymous. Everything works great, I can pull DMs off and reply to them BUT if the DM is longer than 140chars it shortens it using a link.

Of course this is no good to me as I can’t have people going back onto the Twitter website and seeing the person’s username.

Is there any way to pull a full DM message? I’ve scoured the documentation but I can’t find a way.

Thanks in advance.



Add the “full_text=true” query parameter


Thanks @richardhyland for chiming in here! Chris @UKTH this information is described in the announcement post for longer DMs here.

I’m so sorry that we haven’t updated the docs accordingly - apparently I’ve been meaning to do this since September :speak_no_evil: so I really should sort it out! It is likely to be another few weeks before I can do this though, due to some other (unrelated) changes we are making to the docs. Thanks for flagging.


Thank you so much to both of you, that does exactly what I needed.