Is there a way to forgo the "load more" ability in order to make the widget autoscroll? I love the ease of use of the new widgets, but the older style allowed for movement and user laziness, which I've sadly found is necessary to plan for and anticipat


The previous widget style allowed for autoscrolling.

I understand that the “load more” ability in the current widget means that it would be a waste or resources to auto scroll.

I need a widget that allows for both multiple users and autoscrolls…

The ability to easily make a list widget is great. Is it possible to have more options in the creation? If it could autoscroll the last 20 to 30 tweets (as I have 2 users involved) I’d have the functionality I’m looking for.


Same question here. Our web designer wants the feed to “roll” and I have spent over a week trying to get “autoscrolling.” If the API supports it, nobody seems to know how.


Our customers like the auto scrolling feature of our twitter feed. Is there a way to get the feed to auto scroll again?