Is there a way to embed a single tweet from a supplied user without authentication?




All I want to do is embed the latest Tweet from a supplied user in my Javascript code. It’s easy to embed a timeline, and it’s easy to embed a single Tweet if you have a Tweet ID… but can I supply a Twitter user ID and get the embed code for a single Tweet by that user without needing to use OAuth?


You could embed the timeline and set the count parameter to 1?


Hmm. That’s true, but Tweet Timelines don’t show Twitter Cards like quote tweets, @ reply conversations, polls, etc.


No, at this stage they do not, the only alternative would be an oEmbed API call to get the Tweet embed call - sorry.


Ah, bummer. Is there an appropriate place for me to put in that feature request?


This would be the place. I don’t think that would be a high priority given our API roadmap but we appreciate the feedback and request.


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