Is there a way of getting v1.1 REST search api to return retweeted_status


The v1.1 streaming api does a great job of returning retweeted_status and retweet_count. I thought with v1.1 the idea was to get the REST and streaming api’s returning the same things. However it looks like the v1.1 REST search api doesn’t set either of these parameters. Is this a bug? Is it likely to change? or is this as expected?


I notice popular results include at least the retweet_count but still no retweeted_statuses. I’m not sure how to stay within twitters new display rules without having this information.


I’m looking into this – but just to be clear on what you’re looking for/experiencing:

When using the 1.1 search API you are searching for tweets. When you come across a retweeted tweet, you see the out object that represents the retweeting of the tweet but not the inner object (the retweeted_status) that represents the tweet that was retweeted?

Can you share some example queries you’re running for this and provide any tweet IDs that correspond to tweets that would have the child retweeted_status embedded within them when using statuses/show but do not in the Search API?



Thanks for the response.

Yes you’ve got my issue absolutely right. Using the new search endpoint like so…

I typically get back a bunch of RT’s and they now have an embedded user object but no embedded retweeted_status. Whereas I do see this information as expected in the v1.1 streaming api when I set up an equivalent filter.

Without this “inner tweet” I don’t have enough information to render retweets as required by the new display rules.

It seems to be a problem with any example I try. For instance if I used the statuses/show endpoint for 248131980099727360 I get the retweeted_status and this id is a retweet of 248131883735580672.
However any retweets of 248131883735580672 that are returned by a search for “romney video” using the new REST search endpoint don’t include the retweeted_status.

Thanks for your help.


I’ve confirmed the issue and we’re working to resolve – hope to have it fixed soon! Thanks.


Excellent thanks. Would be great if you could let me know when this is resolved.

Thanks for your help on this!


Follow along with this issue:



This specific issue should now be resolved; let me know if you run into any issues.


I’ve also opened an issue about that => #559

in both statuses/show and search/tweets, if a tweet is a retweet the “retweet_count” for the actual tweet has the same value of the “retweet_count” for the original tweet (embedded into the “retweeted_status” attribute.

this occurs in both version of the API 1.1 and 1
example => |


Just checked it and I can confirm thats its showing exactly what I expect with the retweeted_status. Thank you very much for your help!


Since retweets themselves cannot be retweeted and really are just containers for the true tweet, this logic of sharing the retweet_count is not entirely unsound.


Great – you may till see some sporadic off/on behavior with that field in the coming week – I’ve been told there are still a few remaining tasks before it can be in its always-on state.


oks…thanks for clarifying that!
If this is the definitve behaviour, I’ll fix my little app as soon as I can.

Thanks again!


Yep already seeing it come and go. Well at least I know its going to be in there consistently very soon and making it work for both scenarios just makes my code more robust :slight_smile:


I saw retweeted_status for about 24 hours when you mentioned that it was fixed but I haven’t seen retweeted_status in the REST search results since. Is this still in the works. Just that my little app depends on these quite heavily.


Yes, it’s still in the works; we’ve had some false starts with getting the tapestry of deploys out to finish this work, but it should be fully resolved soon.


Why the search/tweets doesn’t give the retweeted_status node anymore? A couple days ago it works just fine, but today doesn’t. Is it only me? Thank you


Hi, How can I get particular Tweet’s Uri and author’s Uri in search api v 1.1…??? It is available in v 1. :frowning:


Tweets and Users URIs are not available in v1.1.