Is there a twitter API available through which recent failed/success login attempts of user can be found?


I am looking for a twitter API that can provide following information:

  • Recent login success details of the user - including time, IP, whether access happened from web/3rd party app etc.
  • Recent login failure details of the user - time, IP and other details.

Also is there an alert mechanism through API where particular user is notified if there is a failed login attempt for his user account?

Any help in this regard is much appreciated!


This data is not available in the API.


Thanks Taylor for your quick revert.

Is there any other way to get the above information.

Understand that some services are available that is showcasing some of the above information:

Wondering how to get similar information? Is this information available through partnership with Twitter or for specific accredited twitter developers?

Thanks in advance for your help.


No, there’s no way to get this kind of information.


Thanks Taylor for the confirmation. Appreciate your support