Is there a problem if is called twice? Is there anyway to check and prevent this?


Is there a way to check if the widgets.js has been already loaded on the page?


There’s no problem. widget.js creates window.TWTR so there’s a simple way to check it such as

alert(window.TWTR ? ‘loaded’ : ‘not loaded’)


Thanks, I was looking for this as well. Tried your suggestion and got ‘not loaded’ . Can anyone tell me what the absolute path is for widget.js?


I am also facing the same problem widget.js show ‘not loaded’. can anyone help me to give a absolute path or other ways to solve this problem?


i just did a simple alert(window.TWTR) to test it out, but it is spitting out undefined…so i am not sure if this is all browser compatible


window.TWTR corresponded to old widgets that we offered. For widgets-js based widgets, check the global window.twttr.