Is there a limit to the amount of OAuth authentication calls?


According to the current API documentation, GET oauth/authenticate is not rate limited:

But is there still some kind of limit, such as maximum number of authentications calls per hour?


To clarify: If I have an application that starts to have a lot of new users signing in to it via OAuth, say thousands of users per hour, then the application would be able to handle that kind of traffic and more, since the GET oauth/authenticate calls are not rate limited. Is that correct or have I missed something? (I’m new to the Twitter API.)


Hi @TweetvoteNews,

You shouldn’t have any issues with the OAuth process should you have sudden spikes in usage with your application. No maximum auths per hour or otherwise.


Hi Taylor,

Good. Then the application will be able to handle traffic spikes and/or user growth.


Hi, @TweetvoteNews

Were you able to verify this? Do you know if this information still applies, for example if I have a sudden spike in users using twitter to login into my web page, let’s say 50000 in 15 minutes o something as huge as that…