Is the widget down?


is the widget down? it is not being shown on my website (nor in the preview of my twitter account) anymore… thx!


Which widget were you trying to implement but could not render on your site? Embedded Tweet? Timeline? Tweet Button?


I am talking about the timeline. I implemented it into my website about a year ago and it has been working fine but about two weeks ago it simply disappeared and all you can read in its play now is a link “Tweets by @1EONmuzIQ” which you can click that leads to my twitter account… also the preview of my timeline widget in my twitter account has disappeared. thank you kindly for your help!


can you post a link to a site where this issue is occurring?


sure, , thx!


It’s displayed properly for me. Could you try temporarily disabling all your browser extensions or any no-tracking feature of your browser and look at the page once again?


sir, that has done the trick, thank you everybody!