Is the Twitter API playing nicely?


There are queries I’m performing on the search API today that were returning dozens of results last week that are returning none today. For example,“phone+robbed”&rpp=100&include_entities=true&with_twitter_user_id=true&result_type=recent&geocode=48.8742,2.3470,39999km&page=1

Last week I was getting several pages, not I’m getting no results. It is feasible that the results are correct but it seems highly strange.

Many thanks.


I think you’re using too large of a radius – 40,000 km is a bit wide and can result in an unserviceable query. I would lower the radius and/or perform multiple queries with smaller radiuses in the areas you’re interested in.


Hmm yeah I think that works, thanks! Strange that it was working the other day. I’m trying to get global results, is that not possible?


What is the maximum radius a geocode search can handle? 500km / 750km / 1000km? It seems that after 500km, not much more is returned. Only way to seem more is with no geocode at all.