Is the tweet helpful or an unsolicited mention? How does Twitter decides?


We want to mention companies when users interested in their services visit our website. Is it an unsolicited mention? We believe it will help companies to get more customers and we don’t spam or send large no. Of messages. We only tweet when a genuine user comes still we got blocked by twitter for unknown reason.
We followed all the rate limit guideline. We have opt out option as well. We are unblocked now but since we don’t know the reason for block we are not sure how we can provide our service.
Kindly suggest how we can proceed.


“unsolicited mentions” are just that - mentions or replies that a user did not explicitly solicit (i.e. opt-in for, request or otherwise expect to receive).

As we’ve discussed elsewhere in these forums, we are unable to describe our antispam and safety algorithms in detail, but here’s the general concept covering this case:

If an app is sending lots of automated responses to users who didn’t directly interact with your app in the first place, this is likely to be annoying to them, and may cause the app creating these Tweets to be write-restricted until the behaviour is corrected. If an app is only sending mentions, that’s potentially another signal that this behaviour might not be wanted. Beyond that, if users mark or report message from an app as spam (unwanted) then this might be another signal.