Is the College IP Address I'm using Blacklisted from Twitter's API?


This is the IP I’m specifically referencing:

I am a student at NVCC, and up until now I was able to use the Twitter API with no issues. Now, I get errors but I have no idea what the issue is. I used Twitter’s API for some CS projects at my college here and there, and I only noticed this issue as I was planning out another project, when I noticed I couldn’t use the Twitter API under this IP. I am not sure why this IP is blacklisted if it is, but a lot of people use this IP at my school, and for me specifically I would’ve liked to use Twitter’s API for my school projects. When I visited home, my apps worked again, so I have a strong feeling it has something to do with the school’s IP, rather than something on my end. I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks.


Sure - for this kind of question you can raise a ticket via

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