Is that possible to make the tweets rotated in the new embedded timeline widget?


The old widget works just as I liked except the limits of loading. I am using the new embedded timeline widget which shows the content immediately. But only I could not figure out how to make the items rotated inside the widget. Anyone have solution?


We are also curious about this functionality. The documentation (embedded timelines - Client Side Options) makes no mention of this feature. Has it been dropped?


Agreed, any answer on this?


Previously, if we tried a ghetto workaround of auto refreshing the page through a javascript, the page would eventually stop loading the tweets. (Almost like it thought you were “abusing” the account so it would stop working.)

Is that still the case with the new API? (Guess I’ll need to test this tomorrow if we don’t hear anything.)

We miss the nifty animation of the tweets shifting down though. It was a fun thing to throw up at convention booths.